Sunday 9 February 2014

Couleur Inc Iris stamped with Pueen 44

Couleur Inc Iris stamped with Pueen 44 & Sally Hansen Silver Sweep

Have a couple of posts to catch up on so hoping I can clear my backlog soon (-.-)" Here is Couleur Inc Iris, a very dark navy blue (such a misnomer right? :p), which I got as it reminded me of Chanel Blue Satin.

I stamped with Sally Hansen Silver Sweep + Pueen 44, and added Daiso holographic glitter polish for a starry night look :)

I also tried out Revlon Liquid Quick Dry but it was a major fail. Click below for plain swatch and the result of the quick dry.

This is the morning after applying Revlon Liquid Quick Dry 1+ hr before going to bed :( Lots of sheet marks and basically Couleur Inc Iris's original shiny surface was ruined, sigh....should have taken a pic before bed...

Couleur Inc Iris

Also, although I thought Couleur Inc was big 3 free, it seems that certain colors have toluene, so ingredients list below FYI.
Couleur Inc Iris ingredients

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