Friday 21 June 2013

Fail with nail art pen -_-"

Three Beauties Radiant Lavender

Just a quick post on my try with the nail art pen I got from Primark, which turned out to be quite user unfriendly (>.<)

 I first used the pen tip and it was ok (ring finger) but after I used the brush, the pen tip kept leaking polish even without me applying pressure on the tube, leading to large blobs of polish and general messiness, let me know if there is a way to avoid this problem.

Anyway, it was supposed to be a black on nude design but since it turned out so badly, I tried to salvage it somewhat by applying Three Beauties Radiant Lavender, a sheer lavender with blue/purple shimmers. It is a pretty polish but best layered over a base color as it will probably take at least 3 coats to build up.

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Monday 17 June 2013

Barry M Grapefruit with rhinestones and simple nail art

Barry M Grapefruit with rhinestones and simple nail art

Was away for a holiday for some time and am finally back (+ recovered from jetlag :p). Today I have Barry M Grapefruit, with a bit of nail art with rhinestones and flower-like strokes using a Primark nail art kit to get a summery look ;)

These are part of my tiny haul from London. Wanted to get things like Barry M confetti, Essence Studio Topcoat, Catrice, etc, but didn't come across them :'(

Anyway, Barry M Grapefruit is a bright hot pink with tinge of coral and is aptly named. Its consistency is a little thick but covers well in 2 coats.

Click read more for plain swatch and pics of tiny haul.

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Chanel Black Pearl polish iphone 4S case

I first saw Chanel polish cases on Instagram and they got me intrigued, and even though I could never bear to fork out for a Chanel polish till today, I wanted the casing, so when I saw it on Bornprettystore, I couldn't help but place an order to get one, hehe :p

I was expecting it to come wrapped just in bubble wrap but it actually came in a box below.

And the funny thing was that the back of the box had an ingredients list like the real nail polish.

I probably wouldn't keep the box but isn't it cute? Haha...

If you are interested to get one too (there are other colors as well), click on this link and use BNNMK31 for 10% off purchases :)

Thanks for viewing!

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