Monday 18 March 2013

Innisfree peel off base coat review

As I mentioned in the previous post, I used the Innisfree peel off base coat. And would just like to report that it worked great! :D As you can see from the polish at the bottom of the bottle ;)

Realised I didn't mention about staying power and normally I'm in no position to comment as I remove my polish after 1-2 days :p But as I was busy the last few days, I had my polish on from Sun morn/afternoon to Wed night. Below is after 4 days. Original is in this post. You can see there's a bit of growth at cuticles area but otherwise, the polish stays on well :)

Will show the pictures again: just applied (left) and dried (right)

Innisfree peel off base coatInnisfree peel off base coat

Found the consistency great (like a jelly polish) and dries in 5-10mins. The brush is pretty easy to handle as well. I wanted the Essence peel off base coat initially but couldn't get hold of it so Innisfree is a good alternative.

Believe you can get it online but in case you are going to Korea and wanna get it, below is the shot of the back of the bottle:

Hope this has helped if you are considering getting it :)

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